SM uploads Love&Girls flashmob video AND ISN’T OUR FANDOM JUST THE CUTEST, GUYS?

SNSD Korean

Just look at how adorable everybody is :’)

SMTOWN’s official YouTube channel just uploaded the video for the Love&Girls flashmob at Universal Studios Japan, which 4000 Shoujo Jidai fans participated in. It’s impossible not to smile watching it; everybody is having a great time and there’s a super positive vibe from the crowd. It really gives you the feeling, “Ahh…it really is fun to be an SNSD fan.”


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Yoona gets her goddess on for Innisfree

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Innisfree proves just how much they love having Yoona as their model, renewing her contract over and over and blessing us all with non-stop Yoona goodies. The cosmetics company recently released several pictorials and CFs filmed at Jeju Island, following Yoona as she interacts with halmeonis, explores attractions, and basically just looks drop-dead-gorgeous against the backdrop of Jeju Island’s lush scenery.

yoona is perfect 2

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‘Hello’, from some silly girls.

SNSD Korean

syjessica recently posted the above photoset onto her weibo account with the caption, “silly girls say hello!! & rino“.

Jessica, Tiffany, Hyoyeon and Seohyun can be seen striking some adorable poses while in their casual gear at the SM training rooms. Also present in the first photo is choreographer Rino Nakasone who has worked with the SNSD girls on numerous occasion; does this mean that the SNSD girls are currently working on some new choreography? Exciting! Do I smell comeback preparations?

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