Best LEGS in Kpop


Ah!!!! it feels so so good to be able to post again!!! If anyone out there was worried by my absence (anyone anyone?) it was because my internet got capped. All the downloading and streaming obviously took it’s toll so I had to endure browsing speed comparable to the days of dial-up internet for the last 10 days. I alternated between “wow, I have so much free time now..maybe I should go outdoors” to “kill me now. just kill me now” (nah, actually nothing that dramatic :P)

Okay! Now back to topic: Pretty, slim and straight legs are something we can’t help but admire and covet. For a limb which logically speaking shouldn’t have sex appeal, legs have somehow morphed onto a level of their own. In this post we look at the female idols with the best legs in the Kpop industry, as well…

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