Why do you like SNSD? One Sones Story.

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This year (august) marks the 4th anniversary of Girls Generation.

I wanted to make another post about Girls Generation. (FYI my only popular posts) anyways. . .

I feel every Sone has their own story about how they came to know these 9 beautiful, wonderful girls. And why they are so crazed and can’t get enough of them. So here’s one Sones story…

Some Q’s & A’s I have written myself to ask myself :3

The Huge question is ” Why do you like Girls Generation?”

For, I think every sone out there, that’s a big question. Don’t you think?

why? First I might want to ask when and then answer how. The how I first Found out about SNSD. I’ll start with the 5 first Q’s, Who? What? Where? When? & end with the important, How? And eventually will end up with the Why(?) all together.

Who? SNSD.


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